Need a Reason to Ping Someone When You’re Networking?

Doug Lester - Need a Reason to Ping Someone When You’re Networking?

Developing a professional network of trusted contacts who you can reach out to for help with a job search or career guidance is a great milestone to achieve. The next relationship-building skill to learn and gain confidence in is maintaining relationships and keeping yourself top of mind.  In this relationship-building masterclass, career strategist and executive […]

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Crafting Connections – The Transformative Power of Intention in Building Relationships

Cultivating Authentic Connections in a remote work environment - Covve workshop

Allowing our horizons in life to grow goes beyond simply showing up at work and completing tasks. We often learn more about our industry, company, and colleagues by interacting with the people at our workplace. Our offices, physical or virtual, offer us opportunities to forge relationships, expand our networks, and gain a better understanding of […]

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Switching to Digital Business Cards: Exploring the Environmental Benefits

The character of Patrick Bateman certainly made traditional paper-based business cards hip and a must. Investing in impressive, high-quality paper business cards with contact details engraved in an eye-soothing font is a thing of the past, however. Traditional paper-based cards have long been the go-to in professional settings, but they come with a hidden cost: […]

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The math behind building better relationships

Welcome back to Covve and Mo Bunnell’s series on effective networking geared toward business growth. The second episode of the series focuses on understanding how to improve the chances of connecting with someone and how some simple methods of communicating with them enables a deeper connection. Mo’s experience as an actuary came in clutch as […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Organizing Your Network with a Personal CRM

In today’s hyper-connected world, maintaining strong professional relationships is crucial for personal and career success. Building and nurturing a robust network requires effective organization and management. That’s where a Personal Customer Relationship Management (pCRM) system comes in. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to leverage a Personal CRM to organize your network effectively. […]

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Mac or PC – Learn How You Can Organize Your Calendar and Contacts

How to Organise Your Calendar and Contacts on a Mac and on PC

While we have the technological means to manage various tasks in our lives, we may overlook some simple and unique features that help us be more efficient and effective. Leveraging technology in today’s highly digitized world is critical to nurturing and maintaining your network. We have created a list of useful app integrations and tips […]

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How to Manage Your Personal Relationships

Our lives today are filled with moving parts in a rapidly advancing and evolving world that we may sometimes forget that our cousin’s birthday is coming up and we do not make time to get them an appropriate gift. Or maybe you forget that your wedding anniversary is around the corner and you end up […]

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Networking Insights from an Investment Banking Professional – A discussion with Chris DeFalco

Chris DeFalco - Covve Interview

In the fast-paced world of investment banking, cultivating meaningful relationships is the linchpin of success. For Chris DeFalco, an investment banker at Oppenheimer and Co, this cultivation has become second nature. Specializing in raising capital for small-cap technology and consumer businesses, Chris dives into the immense value of connections. Our team recently had the opportunity […]

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Robin Dunbar on the Reasons Entertainment is Fundamental in Building Relationships

Renowned evolutionary psychologist, prof. Robin Dunbar, returns with a captivating second episode of Wired to Socialize

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10 Advantages of Digital Business Cards Over Their Physical Counterparts

Forming relationships and staying in touch with your contacts is much easier with supportive technological tools such as digital business cards, or e-cards. Rummaging through your desk to find that one contact’s business card, forgetting yours on the way to an event, and having to print a new card as your credentials change are troubles […]

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