How to Sync Your Android Contacts with Whatsapp

Do you have WhatsApp installed on your Android device? Judging by present-day trends, it is quite likely that you do and you will need the contacts on your Android device synced to your WhatsApp to make the most of it.  Unlike iPhone, adding contacts on Android phone to WhatsApp is super easy. This is  because, the app […]

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How to Sync your Android Contacts with Viber

If you have Viber installed on your, then you already know how great the app is for instant messaging – that is assuming you have all your contacts readily available on it. Don’t worry if you don’t, it’s easy to get it done. When you install Viber on your smartphone, it will request permissions to […]

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How to Export WhatsApp Contacts to Gmail

If you use WhatsApp for a lot more than just chatting with friends, chances are that you understand how helpful the app can be, in the more professional aspects of your life. Staying in touch with clients and business colleagues via WhatsApp is increasingly becoming a common practice. The many benefits of WhatsApp, are a […]

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How to Hide WhatsApp Contacts

Are there contacts on your WhatsApp Chats list you’d rather have hidden for privacy reasons? At the moment, a feature that allows you do exactly this isn’t available on WhatsApp. However, there’s another feature that allows you to achieve the same result.  The  “Archive” feature on WhatsApp allows you to hide selected contacts from your […]

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How Do I Transfer Whatsapp to My New Phone?

The time has come to change your phone, sometimes making things easier by keeping the same manufacturer and some going for the other team! Many times, the actual action of getting your phone changed presents the least of your problems. The more pressing problem could be how to transfer all your accounts, like WhatsApp. Fortunately, […]

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How to Save Contacts When Switching Phones

These days, it is common for people to change phones regularly. For some, it is about stepping up to the best technology has to offer.  For others, it is for the good feeling that comes with purchasing a new device. Regardless of the reason, the problem of having old contacts saved or transferred to a […]

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How to Delete WhatsApp Contacts

Is your WhatsApp contacts list huge and getting increasingly difficult to manage? If yes, at this point, it may be best to delete the contacts you no longer need.  WhatsApp uses  your smartphone’s phone book to create your contacts list. Consequently, deleting a contact from WhatsApp will also have that contact deleted from your smartphone. […]

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How to Tell If You Have Been Blocked on Whatsapp

Have you been trying communicate with a contact via WhatsApp without success? Are you beginning to wonder why you can’t see any updates from that contact anymore? It is quite possible that the contact in question decided to block you! Before you draw any conclusions, it is best to know for sure what the situation is.  […]

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How Do I Transfer Viber to a New Phone?

  Since the launch of Viber, the instant messaging App has continued to grow. Many people now depend on Viber to communicate with their family and friends, colleagues and clients. A lot of data transfer between users happens often on this platform. For this reason, changing phones may become a more complicated process than usual, […]

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How to Restore your Viber Contacts

  Viber allows you to text and call friends, family and colleagues for free. Imagine how painful it’d be to lose all the contacts that you have saved over time. If this happens, it’s likely you’d want to have your lost contacts restored.  Sadly, there may be no way to restore lost Viber contacts unless […]

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