Best APIs for business card scanning


Most CRM apps require their users to manually input contact information into the app in order to be able to start managing their contacts. More often than not this data comes from business cards the users get. So, how can you save your users from the pain of manually entering every contact detail and help them achieve maximum productivity?

It’s simple, what you need is an accurate business card scanning API that can be easily integrated with your app to automate the process. This way you will help your users save time, eliminate errors, and go paperless while acquiring more and more happy customers!

Business card scanning is a feature that users frequently look for when looking for the perfect contacts / CRM app and using an API is the best way to seamlessly add it to your tool.

The best business card scanning APIs for your app

1. Covve

Covve’s business card scanning API allows you to add business card digitization capability to your app or service. You can quickly supercharge your CRM software, contact management app, or any productivity tool simply by adding this card scanning API.

Why Covve’s API?

  • Extremely accurate, the leading AI-powered recognition engine in the market
  • Lightning fast, 1 second median response time
  • Multilingual, automatic recognition of 30+ languages
  • Easy to implement, using industry-standard HTTP & JSON
  • Secure, all data encrypted in transit
  • Private, no data stored after the API call completes
  • GDPR compliant terms and conditions
  • Battle-tested with 100s of thousands of scans each month

Click the link to find out more about this business card scanning API.

2. CamCard

CamCard’s business card scanning API allows your application to scan business cards and extract contact details. It lets your application auto crop card images and enhance their quality to increase accuracy.

Why CamCard’s API?

  • Supports both iOS and Android apps
  • Allows for offline scanning, with its local recognition
  • Recognizes cards within 1 second
  • Automatically detects languages and returns results
  • Very accurate


ABBY’S Ready-to-use business card recognition technology can be directly used for scanning and recognizing information on business cards. This API offers a variety of features from pre-processing to accessing the extracted data.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide exceptional accuracy
  • Data can be saved in vCard format for ease of sharing
  • Recognizes 27 languages
  • Can scan multiple business cards on one page
  • Works on Windows, Linux, Mac


A business card scanning API is definitely worth investing in, as it will supercharge your CRM solution, contact management app, or productivity tool, in no time. Seamlessly provide your users with this commonly required capability and see your reviews skyrocket!

Written on 18 Dec 2020.

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