Why You Need a Business Card Scanner?


Even in the current technologically-driven world, business cards are still around in the networking world. But do we really need them, especially in a post-COVID era? The answer is a yes but in a digital version.

Moving around with physical business cards has an equal share of drawbacks. This is why the world is trying to shift into paperless business cards. But what is the most effective way to go in this direction? You need a business card scanner to capture the business card details and create equivalent digital contacts. This article explains why you need a business card scanner.


Go Paperless

With a business card scanner, all your business card information is captured and translated into an equivalent digital contact. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about carrying around the contacts. You can simply access the digital business card contacts on your smart device wherever you are.


Future Proof

Imagine having changed jobs or got a promotion and you need to update your business card. If you use a paper business card, you will have to shelf that and get new ones. However, when you have a business card scanner, you can just edit or update contacts details on the business e-Card.



It is no secret that Covid has forced us to limit contact with people. With digital scanners, we have a digital contact that is shareable via a wireless medium. You don’t have to be physically available to receive a digital business card.


Environmentally Friendly

Because digital business cards are stored on a smart device, there is no paper thrown into the environment like the traditional paper business cards.



One thing about business card scanners is that they make your business card convenient. This means you can customize the way you want and store as much information about the contact. You can save the URL, fax number, email address, phone number, nationality, website, and social media counts. Again, you can seamlessly update the information.


The Best Business Card Scanner

While there are several business card scanners, none beats Covve Scan. This amazing AI-powered business card scanner scans your business card and creates a digital contact with lighting speed. What makes it a scanner of choice for a plethora of people is its inch-perfect accuracy.

Moreover, Covve Scan encrypts all data on transit and ensures that no data is stored after the API call. This way, users are guaranteed both security and privacy. With Covve Scan supporting automatic recognition of more than 30 languages, there is every reason to pick this amazing tool.

Wrap Up

Finding the right business card scanner can be a hard nut to crack. However, you don’t have to waste your energy and time when you have the best business card scanner, Covve Scan, with you.

Download Covve Scan now for your device and enjoy the immense benefits of digital business cards.

Updated on 25 Aug 2021.

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