How To Convert Business Card to Contacts


Business cards have been the quickest way to exchange contact information and keep a connection going after a meeting. Although most paper documents have made their way out of the modern desk, business cards stay.

Even though we still use them, it is very difficult to collect them and store them physically. There is a risk of losing them and their contact information. Which is why, a better alternative would be to save a scanned soft copy.

However, as most of us will never manually type in all the details of every single business contact we want on our phone- it’s better we use an app that can easily digitize all our paper business cards.

So, this is when the Business card scanners come into the picture. Here, we will be looking into 3 such scanners present in the market today.

  • Covve Scan
  • Adobe Scan
  • CamScanner

Each trying to make the process of scanning business cards and digitizing them efficient. Keep reading to know more about them!

1.   Covve Scan

Covve Scan helps in easy digitisation of business cards. It is the world’s most accurate Al-powered business card scanner.

Covve Scan helps the user by taking a photo of the business card and automatically recognizing the details. It also helps in easy addition of notes, tags and location.

Additionally it helps you search within an easy and powerful interface and shares contact details with colleagues via email, WhatsApp, text, etc. It can be used as a standalone application or alongside any CRM to improve data entry efficiency. It can also help in exporting to Excel easily.

To sum it up, Covve is a best-fit application for businesses or individuals who want to digitise their business cards for easy access of contact information.

2.   Adobe Scan

Adobe scan uses Artificial intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei. Scan instantly recognises the business card in your hand.

 It detects the card’s borders, corrects skewed perspectives, adjusts lighting and shadows, and extracts the text.

Once the business card is scanned, just click the new “Save Contact” button to automatically add the person’s name, phone number, email address, and an image of the business card to your contacts.

3.   CamScanner

CamScanner simply helps in the scanning of the business card. Basically, it converts the physical card into a soft copy. This soft copy can be stored in the form of PDF or JPEG.

CamScanner doesn’t help in converting the business cards into contact like Covve scan and Adobe Scan.

Although, the PDF or JPEG version of the card can be shared via mail, google drive, etc.

Conclusion: Paper Business Cards to Digitised Business Contacts

Simply, scan the business card, save it, and kindly hand the card back. No more paper cards filling up your pockets, bags or desk drawers.

Do you see how easy it is to transfer contact information from a physical business card into your smartphone?

Not only does this save you a lot of time, it also is a very sustainable way of conducting business as it saves paper too. Never lose a card again and convert a simple business card into a business opportunity!

It’s time to try the world’s most accurate business card scanning app and see how easy it is to digitise your business cards for yourself! We also recommend combining this scanner app with a smart contacts app to make your life that much easier. Covve serves as a digital address book and will be your personal CRM!

Download Covve Scan and Covve to see your productivity skyrocket.

Written on 25 Sep 2020.

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