How to Sync Your iPhone Contacts With Whatsapp

You are likely using Whatsapp to exchange texts, videos, pictures and voice messages with your contacts. Since WhatsApp relies on your existing contact list, it is required that your iPhone contacts are added in your WhatsApp chat contacts as well.

This is done automatically assuming you have allowed Whatsapp to access your iPhone’s contacts. If not, enabling access is easy.


Enabling Access to iPhone contacts

To give Whatsapp access to your iPhone contacts go to your iPhone settings.

From settings go to “Privacy”.



Tap on “Contacts”.



Check to confirm whether or not your WhatsApp is set to “ON”. If not, turn it on.



Now, start WhatsApp and you should get all your iPhone contacts automatically synced.


Manually add contacts to Whatsapp on iOS

If you wish to leave your privacy settings unchanged and manually add contacts on Whatsapp, follow the instructions outlined below:

Go to the “Contact” tab on you WhatsApp messenger.

Click on the “+” button.



Now, manually enter the number of your desired contact. Include detailed information about your contact. If your contact is from a foreign country, it is important to include the STD code of that country as well.



This process is slightly painstaking and time-consuming, as you have to manually enter every number and contact detail into your Whatsapp but it keeps Whatspp away from your contact book.


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