How to Successfully Network During a Virtual Networking Event


The motivation for attending a virtual networking event is to connect with potential customers, business partners, or even potential friends. While scores of people don’t find attending a virtual networking event a hard nut to crack, the crux of the matter is that creating that network proves tricky to many.

With virtual networking events taking place virtually, it is hard to bump into someone and have a cup of coffee as you network. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean you have hit a snag as far as creating a successful network in a virtual networking event is concerned. This article shows you the best tips on how to network during a virtual networking event successfully.


Pinpoint your Networking Goals

Identifying your networking goals is the first step in the right direction for successful networking. Networking goals narrow down your targets and allow you to concentrate on meaningful networks. When setting up networking goals, you need to ask yourself who the most important person/brand is, how you will meet them virtually, and the realistic number of targets you can hit in that virtual networking event. This way, you have a crystal clear direction on your target.


Be Active in the Discussions

One way to steal attendees’ attention is to contribute and engage in the event activities actively. A thoughtful opinion, comment, or question can trigger a chain of discussions that make you popular or familiar among various attendees. This creates a good connection with people and creates future collaboration. However, ensure that you don’t look dishonest. It’s always important to actually be interested in the other person and what they have to share.


Publicize your Participation

Publicizing your participation before or after the virtual networking event is one great way of striking connections. Attendees would love to know those who are also attending the same event and possibly look for each other. Leverage social media platforms and include event-specific hashtags to expand the reach. You can also tag your new connections and ask them to share their virtual event experience/thoughts.


Create a Small Community

Leverage the platform’s features to reach a few target individuals. Talk with them in private conversations while the session runs. Make your discussion relevant to the event so that they don’t get easily know your intentions.


Tips to Follow after the Event

When the virtual networking event is complete, you need to keep in touch with your targets and create a long-lasting connection. This is where the Covve app becomes very useful. Covve, allows you to stay in touch with the people you met at the event by saving contacts, engaging them, and keeping your contacts warm.

Moreover, if you had exchanged business cards at virtual meetings, you can scan their business cards directly from the Covve app. The scanner will detect the contact details and save them in your smartphone’s contacts.


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