How to Find Email Addresses of Employees at a Company?


It is not uncommon to desire more specificity with whom you chose to reach out to. What you want is to get across to an employee within a company, not the company at large.

Truth is, to an extent, there are times you want to enjoy a respectable degree of privacy.

Maybe it’s just about reaching out to an old friend that works in a company you know. Getting the email address of that employee might seem a problem at first.

There is absolutely no reason to call it quits in your search for employee email addresses. There are a number of available tools online to help make this process stress free.

First one is RocketReach

When it concerns email and email addresses, this web tool proves to come out useful in more than one way.

This web-based tool lets you search a company’s name, name of individual or LinkedIn profile URL to get email address information. It is a great tool for running specific email address search.

One good thing about RocketReach is that it also provides you with links to a searched individual’s social media profile. 

Visit to use this tool.



After sign in you can find the email address, phone number, social media profile of a company or an employee.



Clearbit Connect

This free Gmail plugin affords you the chance to search 40 email addresses on a monthly basis using a company’s domain.

One of its main benefits is that you can make use of it without having to leave Gmail – it puts an extra button at the top of your Gmail interface upon its installation. This button opens an overlay where you can search for email addresses.

This is another perfect tool for finding email addresses.

To install and use Clearbit Connect, visit



Install the Gmail plugin and start searching for email address of a company or employee.


This is a web tool that already has a reputation for accurately finding email addresses of companies. It applies the same methods in searching for employee email addresses.

The effective search filters possessed by this makes its search results quite accurate.

Just visit their website and start searching for email addresses.



Hope this helps! If you are past the cold email stage and want a tool to manage your contacts and help you cultivate real professional relationships, check out Covve. Covve offers the sophistication you would expect from a CRM system, packaged in an intuitive contacts app.


Written on 21 Jun 2019.

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