How to Find Email Addresses of Companies?


You heard about a company and you want to contact them. Maybe you are interested in job openings or to get information about their products and services?

Your reason to get in touch with a company could be one of many. Sending an email has proven to be a fast and professional method to get messages across to most, if not all companies. On a number of occasions though, there’s the problem of not knowing the email address for the person in the company you intend to reach out to.

There is good news for you and anyone in your shoes. There are a number of web tools available to help facilitate a seamless and efficient search for email addresses. Some of these tools attract a meagre monthly fee, while some render the services at no cost.


This online search tool carries out its tasks by using what it calls Domain Search.

This tool boasts of effective search filters, a wealth of over 200 million indexed email addresses and other amazing features.

It is little wonder it prides itself as one of the most efficient email finding tools available.

Just visit to use this tool and add the name of any company.



Hunter will show you a list of the email addresses associated with that domain.



This web tool doesn’t stop at finding business email addresses, it can also find personal email addresses with close to complete accuracy.

RocketReach allows you to narrow your search by taking specific attributes such as company name and location into account. Using this tool attracts a monthly fee that’s relatively small for the services it provides. 

To use this tool, visit



Once you are signed in then you can use this tool to find the email address or phone number.



Alternatively, you could run a search on Google.

If a company’s email address is available anywhere online, chances are that Google has it indexed and accessible for use. Just make sure you research who you want to reach out to first.

If you are past the cold email stage and want a tool to manage your contacts and help you cultivate real professional relationships, check out Covve. Covve offers the sophistication you would expect from a CRM system, packaged in an intuitive contacts app.



Written on 21 Jun 2019.

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