How to Check if an Email Address is Still Valid?


Do you run a business where sending email regularly is necessary? Have you sent out a number of emails expecting replies but received none. In the real world, not every email address is valid.

This fact breeds the problem of not being able to easily tell whether or not an email address is still active.

You sure don’t want to keep wasting your effort sending out mail to addresses that might be inactive.

You can rest easy, as there are simple methods to help you verify the validity of an email address. Here are some examples of helpful web tools:

Email Checker

Email Checker is a web tool for confirming the status of an email address. In addition to being free, it is quite easy to use. You just have to enter the email address and tap the check button.

The tool runs a check and tells you whether or not the email address is valid.

Just visit to use this tool.



Enter the email address you would like to check and Email Checker will show you the results.



Mail Tester

Mail Tester is a web tool that let’s you enter an email address to verify if there are problems with it or if it exists. A number of tests will be run on the email address without an actual email being sent.

Visit , enter the email address and it will show you if its active or not.



Verify Email

This web tool is similar to other tools in its email verifying function. It requires you to enter the email address and click the check button.

It then connects to the mail server to ascertain whether or not an email address is active or existent.

Visit to use this tool.


MyEmailVerifier Is another tool for bulk email verification, and claims to be the cheapest  service with an over 96% deliverability guarantee. It has a user-friendly interface and provides real-time verification API. You can visit to try it out.


Get in touch, the conventional way

Step 1: Reach out to your contact, try an alternative method like LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, phone, or ask a common friend. According to the world-class leadership coach Rebecca Zucker, don’t be negative. The person at the end of the line may actually be happy to hear from you.

Step 2: Start by addressing the elephant in the room. Mention that you’ve been out of touch for some time, and there’s a reason you are contacting them. Then you are all set.

Step 3: Assuming you managed to rewarm the relationship and updated their details, make sure you never lose touch again. Try using a personal CRM system, like Covve. Covve will keep track of your contacts automatically, fill you in on their updates and remind you to stay in touch. Get Covve from here, it’s free.


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