How to Organize Your Contact List?


There’s no easy way to instantly organize your contacts across various applications and gadgets. You probably will have to invest some time and effort. However, knowing how these contacts platforms work will give you a smoother experience as you clean up your contacts lists.

One such platform that is very useful is Covve. It is said to be the simplest and smartest contact application. It helps you in personalising and organising your contact list. Covve has a contact-centric approach that helps you focus on people and the relationship you share with them.

Furthermore, Covve automates reminders, and let’s you know when is the right time to reach out. It has an Artificial intelligence driven technology that autocompletes contact details and helps you clean up and organize your contact list!

Covve can be a very handy address book app if you are someone looking for organising and managing your contact list.

Tips to organize your contact list

  1. Gather contacts in one basket

Start by gathering all your contacts and bucket them together. Why are we doing this?

Integrating the information from multiple places like your iCloud and Google account leaves less room for hunting for information when you are in a hurry.

Delete or merge duplicate contacts and then eventually, get rid of contacts you don’t need.


  1. Getting rid of unnecessary contacts

You should now start organizing your contact list now that your contacts are all in one place.

There might be many contacts in your contact list that are either old co-workers that you no longer work with, or acquaintances that you don’t talk to anymore, or contacts imported from other apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Scrolling through all of these contacts can be a messy and tedious task because of the endless list of people who you may or may not remember.

For this Covve’s contact-centric approach helps you focus on people, not deals. It gives a personalized approach to help you keep on top of your relationships by always having the right information at your fingertips and getting rid of unnecessary contacts.


  1. Record last contacted date

Keeping track of when you last communicated helps you to know when to follow up in the future.

Covve automates reminders, and lets you know when is the right time to reach out. Sends you alerts when you are losing touch with people. It helps you get organized with a personalized weekly call schedule. Its Intelligent snooze functionality reschedules pending reminders.

Keeping your contacts organized, backed up, and up to date is one of those chores that require some upkeep.

If you are looking for an address book app that can help you in organizing your contacts and keeping you up-to-date then Covve is the best fit for you!

Download it now for free!

Written on 09 Oct 2020.

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