How to Add a List of Contacts into an Infusionsoft Campaign?

One of the popular CRM software options, Infusionsoft is a good way to manage your business contacts and leads. If you use Infusionsoft for your marketing needs, you’ll want to know how to import business leads and contacts.


1. First of all save the files you require as a .csv to your desktop or a folder on your computer you can locate easily.



2.  In Infusionsoft, go to contacts>Import contacts.

Screenshot Infusionsoft CRM

3.  Select the type of import (eg: contacts) and click Go.



4.  It will ask you to upload a file. Locate the file on your desktop and click next.

Upload your Contacts File

5.  The import wizard will run, asking you match fields such as ‘name’ and ‘email’ etc.

Match you name before the wizard will run

6.  When you have finished click next.


7.  Infusionsoft will ask you for permission to send emails. Read through the terms and conditions and click next.

Get permission to send emails first

You will be then asked to double check the fields and correct any missing information. Once this is done, click next.


8.  You can review the details of the import before you click done. If you’re happy to go ahead click ‘Done’ to start the import.

Review the details of the import before you click done