Are NFC Cards Worth it?

With the entry of NFC cards into the business cards arena, many people wonder whether NFC cards are worth it or not. The design and technology used in NFC cards are superior to preexisting business card technologies. With several companies still using the traditional regular paper business cards, they are now caught in a catch 22 situation regarding whether to jump into the NFC ship or stick with their old cards. This is a fundamental question for business owners, managers, and marketers because they have to weigh the economic benefits of NFC cards. Fortunately, this article takes you through a guide on whether NFC cards are worth it or not.

Benefits of NFC Cards

As illustrated, NFC cards use superior technology compared to preexisting business cards. It uses wireless technology to communicate with the NFC-enabled smartphone. With your NFC card and an NFC-enabled device, you can extract whatever information is inside the NFC card. Some of the benefits of NFC cards include:

Fast and convenient

NFC cards use wireless technology to communicate with the target device within the 4 cm range. When you hold the NFC card below the NFC-enabled smartphone, the information or action in the card will be extracted by your smartphone. You don’t have to type in any information.


NFC cards are made from durable plastics. They last longer compared to regular paper cards. Therefore, it helps companies save the paper used to print business cards that regularly get older or damaged with ease.


NFC cards are programmable. This means you can control whatever the target client/customer will see. You can program initiate a call or text action, take someone to your website, save your contacts, and display your portfolio. Again, you can reprogram remotely even if the user has already picked the card. Therefore, you don’t have to recall the cards or print new ones to capture the latest or intended information.


It is attractive to customers, and they will likely develop a good impression of your company.


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Updated on 28 Mar 2022.

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