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Mac or PC – Learn How You Can Organize Your Calendar and Contacts

How to Organise Your Calendar and Contacts on a Mac and on PC

While we have the technological means to manage various tasks in our lives, we may overlook some simple and unique features that help us be more efficient and effective. Leveraging technology in today’s highly digitized world is critical to nurturing and maintaining your network. We have created a list of useful app integrations and tips […]

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How to Manage Your Personal Relationships

Our lives today are filled with moving parts in a rapidly advancing and evolving world that we may sometimes forget that our cousin’s birthday is coming up and we do not make time to get them an appropriate gift. Or maybe you forget that your wedding anniversary is around the corner and you end up […]

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Networking Insights from an Investment Banking Professional – A discussion with Chris DeFalco

Chris DeFalco - Covve Interview

In the fast-paced world of investment banking, cultivating meaningful relationships is the linchpin of success. For Chris DeFalco, an investment banker at Oppenheimer and Co, this cultivation has become second nature. Specializing in raising capital for small-cap technology and consumer businesses, Chris dives into the immense value of connections. Our team recently had the opportunity […]

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Robin Dunbar on the Reasons Entertainment is Fundamental in Building Relationships

Renowned evolutionary psychologist, prof. Robin Dunbar, returns with a captivating second episode of Wired to Socialize

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10 Advantages of Digital Business Cards Over Their Physical Counterparts

Forming relationships and staying in touch with your contacts is much easier with supportive technological tools such as digital business cards, or e-cards. Rummaging through your desk to find that one contact’s business card, forgetting yours on the way to an event, and having to print a new card as your credentials change are troubles […]

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Qr Code vs Bluetooth vs NFC: Digital Business Card Technologies Explained

The way we exchange information and connect with each other has evolved significantly. The emergence of digital business cards is a testament not only to the empowerment and sustainability of modern information exchange mediums, but also of their versatility. Digital business cards leverage various technologies, including QR codes, Bluetooth, and NFC (Near Field Communication), to […]

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Mo Bunnell: Building Relationships Drives Business Growth

Covve’s collaboration with Mo Bunnell, business growth expert and best-selling author including, The Snowball System, brings you a five-part masterclass series on creating a reliable and resourceful network that can give your business the boost it needs. In this exciting journey, Mo explores the impact of relationships on fostering business growth and provides you with […]

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Robin Dunbar on Forging Relationships at the Workplace

When considering methods of optimizing efficiencies at the workplace, people may think of automation software or a general improvement to the technology used. However, there is one factor right under everyone’s nose, and it’s the quality of relationships at the workplace. Robin Dunbar, a leading anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist at the University of Oxford with […]

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Making a Habit of Nurturing Your Relationships


Networking is more than just exchanging business cards and hoping for the best. In a world where 85% of jobs are filled through networking, it’s crucial to build and nurture relationships. Mo Bunnell, founder and CEO of Bunnell Idea Group (BIG), and Yiannis Gavrielides, CEO of Covve, discuss the habits that can take your networking […]

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AI Powered Networking


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the world of work, with artificial intelligence (AI) leading the way. Already, 65% of workplace recruiters use AI to speed up their hiring processes, thanks to tools like ChatGPT and matchmaking algorithms. However, the potential of AI isn’t limited to hiring; it can also leverage career networking relationships. AI […]

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