Best Free Small Business CRM Tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) is vital in organizational departments such as marketing, customer service and sales. Features of a good CRM tool include flexibility, user-friendliness, low cost, quick and constant customer support, and a robust mobile component since a large percentage of the population prefer to use their mobile phones. As a small business owner, […]

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Which relationship management software should you use?

Managing customer relationships is becoming a top priority for any business seeking to expand its client base and retain customers. The problem is that collecting and evaluating customer interactions from multiple points can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. This is where a top customer relationship management software comes in handy! It […]

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How To Import Contacts from Simcard Apple 12 mini/iPhone 13 (IOS 14)

There are several reasons why you may want to import contacts from your sim card to your iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13. You may have upgraded from an Android device to store contacts on the SIM card and now transfer your contacts to your iPhone device. It is important to note that your iPhone […]

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How to Transfer Contacts on iPhone 13 mini / iPhone 13 Pro

When you get a new iPhone, you do not want to lose the contacts of your friends, family, and other people that make your life complete. Luckily, there are seamless ways to transfer data and contact details from your older iPhone to the new one. We’ll get to some of the quickest and easiest ways […]

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How To Fix Contacts Disappeared on iPhone

Contacts can disappear from your iPhone for several reasons. Your contacts may disappear after either a software upgrade or downgrade or if you jailbreak your iPhone. Your iPhone’s iOS system might also have trouble synchronizing with your contacts, making them susceptible to being erased. How will you restore that? This article will help you restore […]

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Client Relationship Management Software – what to look for!

Managing relationships with clients is very crucial. Everyone yearns to create and maintain a good relationship with clients for business growth. Today technology has rapidly evolved and provided excellent platforms to manage relationships easily. Since there are many tools in the market, it can be a sweaty assignment to find proper client relationship management (CRM) […]

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Apps to help your Small Business Grow

apps for small businesses

  Every small business owner aims to convert more customers and expand. However, it doesn’t come easy in a competitive business space. There are a lot of factors that help take your business from a startup to success, including investing in the right tech. For example, did you know that the choice of apps can […]

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How to Successfully Follow Up After Networking

  With good networking, you get to stay on top of the industry trends. You also advance your career with the new opportunities it presents. You can network through connecting with other industry leaders online or attending networking events, seminars, and other business functions. That said, the initial networking stage of striking conversations and making […]

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Why is Professional Networking Important?

  Networking is all about building and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with people you meet online, in person at the coffee shop, or when attending work conferences, you name it. The main goal of networking is establishing and nurturing a professional network of people. People that you can not only learn from but also be […]

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How to export contacts from Android phone

Thinking about switching devices or are you simply worried about losing contacts and need an offline backup just to be safe? Whatever your reasons for wanting to know how to export contacts from an Android phone, we’re here to help! If you want to export your long contact list, then we suggest using Export Contacts […]

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