3 Applications that Will Help You to Get Back to Business after the Coronavirus Pandemic


In a post COVID world, there are a lot of unknowns, but there is only one thing we are certain about – Life and especially doing business won’t be the same again.

Below are three applications that will help you to soothe the process of getting back to business in a post COVID world.

1.   Covve Scan



Covve Scan is a business card scanner that helps digitize your paper business cards and saves them as contacts on your phone. It uses Artificial intelligence (AI) technology to scan business cards and store client details in a centralized database. It is also the most accurate AI-powered business card scanner out there!

Key features

  1. Scan business cards and seamlessly add the information to your contacts.
  2. Language recognition for over 30 languages.
  3. Lets you add notes and tags.
  4. Our contact-centric approach will help you to focus on people, not promotions.
  5. Using one-click of a button to export your full contact list to Excel for processing.
  6. The opportunity to have a paperless approach, with zero need to carry business cards.

Download Covve Scan on iOS and Android here now!

2. Expensify



Expensify is an application designed for businesses that let you keep track of business costs and process reimbursements without any wastage of paper. You can link them to credit and debit cards, which will directly create the expenses report as per the charges on the cards. This application brings transparency in record keeping of your business. It is supported on iOS, Android, and web-based devices.

Key Features:

  1. Take pictures of bills, Expensify will extract and upload the required details.
  2. GPS technology is used to track expenses that are incurred during business trips, along with currency converter options.
  3. You can easily integrate with other applications like NetSuite, Uber, Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, ERP, and other E-commerce sites.
  4. You have access to Real-time expense reports with few clicks.
  5. One-click online reimbursement as per requirement.
  6. It can also quickly detect the Duplicate Expense.


3. RescueTime



If you want to be more focused, productive, and motivated without wasting too much time on social media sites, RescueTime is here to help you out. You can set productivity goals and get details where you spend your time application-wise. By being more productive, it will help you to achieve your business goals faster.

Key features:

  1. Automatically Time Tracking is done with any manual entry. It automatically creates detailed reports where exactly you are spending time and what is stopping you from achieving your production goals.
  2. One-Click Offline Time tracking helps you to know for how many hours you have been away and get the overall picture for each day.
  3. FocusTime feature lets you block the websites or applications, which is distracting you so that you can focus on your work.
  4. It can easily integrate with your favorite applications like Calendar, Slack, etc.


Bottom Line

These applications are going to help you make a comeback in the post-pandemic world. You can not only set goals but can now achieve them faster.

These applications will help you make your personal life and business successful!

Written on 04 Jan 2021.

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