Introducing the Private Graph

 “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late” (Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder)

A classic quote but one I never really sympathised with. The first version of Covve, launched summer 2014, was awesome – it brought a valuable service and a unique design and was underpinned by some pretty complex clever stuff. So, sorry Reid, I was justifiably proud of what we’d achieved.

And yet, as I alt-tab between this first version and the version that we’ve just launched I can’t help but feel a bit sheepish. That’s because today’s Covve finally delivers the vision, the value and the truly differentiating features that we envisaged when we set off. We are super proud of it and I hope it rocks your socks off too. And here’s why: 


Introducing: the Private Graph

Expand your personal address book of a few hundred contacts to a network of tens of thousands of warm contacts that are just a phone call away. 

The moment you connect with someone you will gain access to their contact list through your private graph (and vice versa). In doing so, Covve respects and protects your and your contacts’ privacy; none of their personal information such as name and contact details are ever shared, so if someone wants an introduction they still need to come through you.

Contacts in your Private Graph are “warm” because they have come directly from the personal address books of your connected contacts – they are not an endless swarm of cold contacts who’ve friended you on a social network or an out of date list on a corporate CRM system.

You can access your Private Graph by clicking on the shiny blue button on your navi bar:


 You can then explore your Private Graph through the Covve maps and Search. So next time you’re looking to close a deal you know where to look first 😉


Powerful search

Covve search

Having a Private Graph of thousands of contacts is great, but you need a way to quickly find the people you’re looking for. That’s where Covve’s search comes in. Search “google-style” for who you’re looking for, refine your results and home-in on the best leads to pursue.


Funky contacts lists

Covve funky popovers

Your contact lists (accessible through your maps or search) are now tailored for your Private Graph. Private Graph contact lists will list the people who most closely match what you’re looking for and will also tell you which of your contacts should be able to introduce you.


Group invitations

Covve multi-invite

If you’re as excited about your new Private Graph as we are, then you’ll want to start growing it pronto. To help you do this we’ve introduced the group invite tool, located in “My Contacts”. Choose the people you want to connect with, customise your message and fire away.


Covve on the go


Download the Covve iPhone app (Android guys and others hold on for a bit longer) and access your Covve account from wherever you are.

Added bonus – you can now synchronise your iPhone contacts directly with Covve. 


Given all these new features and always true to our commitment to respect your data privacy and ownership, we have updated our privacy policy to reflect the new functionality.

So, what you’re waiting for, connect with your trusted friends and colleagues and start building your private graph.