How to Use Contacts from the New iPhone Phone App (iOS 14)


Using the basic features of the new phone contacts app on your iPhone might seem obvious, but there are functionalities that you might not know. The new iPhone phone app allows you to make calls, add contacts, import contacts, delete contacts, favorite callers, and add the recent caller to your contacts. You can also automate the dialing extension or passcode. Read through this article and learn how to use the new iPhone phone app in iOS 14 exhaustively.

Import Contacts

You can import the contacts from your SIM card to your iPhone on the new iPhone phone app.
To import contacts, tap on “Settings” on the phone app. Next, tap on “Contacts,” tap on “Import SIM contacts,” and choose the contact you want to import.

Add Contacts

If you want to add a new contact, tap on the Phone app, and tap on “Contacts.” From there, tap on “Add Contacts,” enter the number and name of your contacts, and tap on “Done” to save it.


Add Favourites

For those contacts that you frequently call, you can favorite them for quick dialing. To favorite contacts, tap on the Contact you frequently call, scroll down, and tap on “Add to Favourites.”


Automate dialing an Extension or Passcode

You will notice that with some contacts, you are required to add the extensions. So how do you do this on the new iPhone contacts app?

Tap on the desired contact and click tap on the “Edit” option.

Tap on the number and place the cursor at the end of the number. Now, tap on “+ * #” on the keyboard followed by “Pause” to enter a comma on the phone number. From there, you can enter the extension you want.


Delete Contact

If you want to delete a contact from a list, tap on the Contact, then tap on “Edit,” and lastly tap on “Delete Contact” from there to confirm that you want to delete the Contact.

Bottom Line

The new iPhone phone app allows you to handle the basics of your contact management. But if you have business contacts that you would want to follow up with, add personalized notes, labels, and set reminders, you need Covve. Covve is a smart address book that makes it easier to network and truly nurture your relationships. It uses the contacts list of your phone app hence you don’t need to import contacts. You can also scan paper business cards, add them to your contacts and export your contacts easily. Get the Covve for Android or iOS here and manage your contacts much better.

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Updated on 17 May 2021.

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