How to Sync CamCard with Google Contacts


CamCard is a business card app with over 100 million users that allows you to scan, manage, sync and exchange business cards with ease. Available on Android, iOS and Windows, CamCard ensures that you never lose a contact ever again.

To ensure that your business card contacts are available to you everywhere you go, CamCard makes it easy by allowing you to sync your account with Google Contacts.

How to sync CamCard with Google Contacts

CamCard automatically adds any new business cards that you scan to your phone contacts.

Then, if you set your phone contacts to sync with your Google account, the saved cards in CamCard will be synced as well, just the same as the contacts you added manually in phone contacts.

You can also click on the SmartSync option on the app and login to your Google account to enable syncing.

Just click on the SmartSync.



Then click on the Google Contacts and login and it will be synced to your CamCard account.



To sync contacts to available accounts, CamCard needs your permission to find accounts on the device.

To sync contacts to available accounts, CamCard needs your permission to read the sync settings. Make sure the app has these permissions if you wish to sync your CamCard with Google Contacts.


CamCard makes it convenient for you to capture the important information from business cards without having to do any typing.

This means that you can avoid taking business cards from people and save paper, while also avoiding unnecessary physical interactions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Updated on 27 Jul 2020.

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