How to Set-up Emergency Contacts on Android?


In today’s word, setting up emergency contacts on your Phone can serve a plethora of benefits.

It does not only help you access contacts you might need quick access to during an emergency situation that requires urgent attention but also helps you organize and manage your mobile efficiently.

Think about it, when you are looking to contact a few loved ones in your life during situations that need to be addressed, would you rather skim through hundreds of contacts on your phone?

Or would you want to have a list pre-selected by you, which you can have instant access to at any time, anywhere?

The latter option certainly serves you better, while saving you time and energy.

So, in order to bring more convenience into your life, here is a step-by-step process to helping you set-up emergency contacts on your Android Phone:

Setting up Emergency Contacts on your Android Phone:

Step 1:

First-off, clink on the menu option after opening the Contacts app.

Your contact app opens on your Phone as shown, with the menu option, right next to it, indicated by 3 lines:



Step 2:

Now, you want to tap on Emergency Contacts (under Groups in the menu to the left).

It looks something like this:



Final step:

Now, for the last and final step, all you want to do is tap the + symbol and add the Contact’s name, phone number and other details if you like. Finally, click on SAVE.

That’s it. Simple and easy.

Remember that you can access these contacts without having to open your phone.


By now, you realize that managing your mobile phone and contacts is an important step to ensure convenience and ease of use.

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Written on 26 Aug 2020.

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