How to Add Contact Widgets to Android?


Adding widgets to your Android Phone is an extremely easy and convenient process.

These widgets when added to the home screen, allow you to perform a plethora of functions from the convenience of your Home screen without having to access the applications through the menu.

For example, you could place a call to your Best friend directly by pressing a widget rather than finding his name and manually dialing it in the contacts app.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can add widgets to your Android Phone:

Step 1:

First, touch, press and hold your Home screen and select the option Widgets.


Step 2:

Now, you should be able to see 3 options: Contact 1×1, Direct dial 1×1, Direct message 1×1.



Contact 1×1 allows you to create a widget on your home screen with the selected person’s contact card, which includes all the information you had previously stored about him/her.


Direct-dial 1×1 allows you to create a widget that upon clicking, directly places a call to the selected person.


Direct message 1×1 allows you to create a widget that instantly opens your default messaging system with the selected person of contact.


Step 3:

Select the function that you wish to perform and the widget should appear on your home screen in no time!

Following these 3 simple steps should allow you to create a widget on your Android’s home screen that performs the task as dictated by you.

As you probably realize by now, these systems and steps allow you to access information and resources directly by helping you avoid the steps-in-between.

These technological advances certainly make life easier and more convenient by helping you better synchronize your electronic systems.

In order to bring the same convenience to your contact list on you mobile phone, we have created an app for you, to help you better manage your mobile device and contacts.

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Written on 24 Aug 2020.

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