How To Import Contacts To AOL Mail

How To Import Contacts To AOL Mail

AOL Mail has been around pretty much since the internet started, so you may be using one of these email accounts on a daily basis. If you’re using AOL Mail then importing your contacts is a very simple procedure.

Login to your AOL Mail account on a desktop or laptop computer.



Once signed in, in your inbox you will see Contacts on the left-hand panel.



Above the contacts list click on the Tools and then click on Imports.



You’ll be prompted to locate a CSV file on your computer. Just click on the “Browse for file….” and then locate your file where it is on your computer or laptop and once you’ve located it press ‘Import’.



The process will take just a few seconds. Once you have imported your contacts you will be able to view them all in your AOL Mail contacts list. You can automatically add info to your contacts, like their picture, their job description, company and much more using a service like Covve.

Covve automatically scans the web, adds contact info and helps you seamlessly stay in touch with your contacts. Check it out here.


Updated on 02 Dec 2019.

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