How to Convert OLM To PST File Format

If you’ve been using Outlook for your emails on a Mac and you’re switching to a Windows PC, you’ll find that they aren’t cross compatible. The OLM format used by Macs needs to be converted to a PST file format for use on Windows machines.

There are paid options to quickly and effortlessly change the files over. To change OLM to PST for free will require signing up for a IMAP based email account such as Gmail or Outlook.

In your Mac version of Outlook 2011 (or whichever version), add your IMAP based email account (Gmail, Outlook etc).

Move your OLM emails to the IMAP account. Simply select the emails you want to copy and select move into the new inbox or folder.

In your Windows version of Outlook, add the same IMAP based email account.

The contents of the email account should automatically download, but you can also click ‘send/receive’ to import the contents of the new inbox.

Be warned that this procedure can be very slow. So if you have a large amount of data to transfer it may be best to invest in a paid OLM to PLS transfer package.

Written on 07 Jun 2018.

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