How to add profile pictures to your contacts

Contact Photos

Adding pictures to your contacts makes it much easier and faster to identify the person you want to reach out to. It also makes the whole experience on your phone more colourful and satisfying – it’s a communication device after all! We have a quick solution to add a face to those contact avatars.

Facebook used to have a function for users to sync their contacts with Facebook data including profile pictures. Unfortunately, this was discontinued. Services like Gravatar help but most people are not registered, so we are still left with many contacts without a photo.

For this reason, the team here at Covve has developed an app to address this. Contact Photos searches the web for pictures for your contacts and returns results. All you need to do next is tap the photo you want and it will be added as a profile picture in your phone’s contact book.

You can download Contact Photos here for iPhone or Android.

Adding pictures is also important when you meet many new people, e.g. at an event. The picture, coupled with notes, will help you remember who the person is, where you met, who introduced you, as well as other info and characteristics, essential when starting a new relationship. If you do meet many people you could benefit from using a system. Doug Lester, a world-class career strategist and executive coach for MBA students and alumni at a top-tier business school and executives at Fortune 100 companies, recommends using a system like Covve Personal CRM. Give it a try! 


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