How to add pictures to contacts in Google Contacts

Add pictures to contacts in Google contacts

Adding pictures to contacts in your address book is a great way to make the people in it more recognizable and more personal. In this how-to article we are going to see how to easily add a picture to your contacts in Google Contacts.

Before you begin, make sure you have a picture you want to use saved on your computer.

1) Go to Google Contacts and click on the desired contact.

2) Click on the letter next to your contacts’ name to set contact photo.

3) Then, click on Upload Photo.

4) Locate the picture of your contact and click Open.

5) Once your photo is uploaded, you have the option to crop your image, or rotate it. Click Done.

6) Now, your contact is updated with a photo.

To automatically add pictures to your contacts you can use an app like Covve. Covve scans over 100 sources for publicly available info such as pictures, company, job and social profiles. As long as your contacts have an email and there’s publicly available info for them, Covve will fetch it for you – find out more here.


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