Crafting Communities of Generosity and Resilience with Linda Brandt

Linda Brandt, MPH (she/her), is a name synonymous with transformative community engagement and leadership. As the founder and co-organizer of Lean In Together MSP, Linda has spearheaded an incredible journey of growth and empowerment that stretches across the globe. 

Building Global Networks

With an illustrious career that combines public health advocacy and community development, Linda’s role at Hennepin County Public Health involves promoting healthy workplace environments that foster resilience and collaboration.

What sets Linda apart is her extraordinary ability to cultivate networks where generous leadership and innovation flourish. Over the past decade, she has nurtured the Lean In Together MSP Network from a modest group of 12 individuals to a vibrant community of over 7,000 members spanning 30 circles and six continents. 

Workshop Activity: “The New Yes And”

Linda’s engaging activity, “The New Yes And” is designed to shift the typical dynamics of interaction by encouraging participants to accept compliments and then add to them, enhancing the flow of positive energy and appreciation among peers.

Participants entered their breakout rooms where they took turns complimenting each other on the attributes they appreciated about themselves. Their breakout room buddies would reinforce the attribute by complimenting them on them as a means of highlighting the value of each other’s attributes, values, and skills.

By integrating principles from Rebecca Cooper’s explanation of this idea, Linda’s activity where individuals recognize and build upon each other’s strengths not only enhanced individual self-esteem but also bolstered collective morale and strengthened the connections between the participants.

As Linda continues to break new ground in community engagement and leadership, her initiatives offer invaluable opportunities for learning and growth. Join her in creating a world where leadership is generous, and communities are strong enough to thrive through adversity.

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Updated on 03 Jun 2024.

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