What is Near Field Communication, and Where is it used?

What is Near Field Communication, and Where is it used?

Ever heard of NFC and wondering what is? NFC stands for Near Field Communications. It is a proximity-based wireless communication technology that is limited to an extremely short range. Therefore, it requires devices to be in close proximity for it to work. This technology allows users to have secure transactions and connect electronic devices with a touch. It also makes possible the exchange of digital information.

How Near Field Communication Technology works

NFC is barely a radically nouveau technology. It is an interpretation of the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that has been around for decades. Radio Frequency Identification technology and Near Field Communication use the principle of inductive coupling for short-range interpretations.
A reader device will generate a magnetic field when an electric current passes through a coil. When you bring the tag (which has its own coil) near the reader, the magnetic field will induce an electric current within the tag. There isn’t a need for any wires or physical contact. In the interaction, data on the tag is transmitted wirelessly to the reader. The technology works over a short distance, and the NFC tags don’t need an inbuilt battery since they draw power from other devices like smartphones. The NFC reader will interact with one NFC tag at a time to eliminate the risk of accidental transactions. An NFC enabled phone can store card details, making it easy for users to pay without carrying multiple cards in their wallets. If you have interacted with a key card, you are familiar with the technology.

Where is NFC used?

NFC may seem similar to Bluetooth. However, it does not require manual device discovery or synchronization like Bluetooth does. Mobile wallets like Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung pay utilize the technology. Other contactless payments solutions, keycards, credit cards and cards like Covve NFC business cards use NFC technology. The technology also comes in handy when connecting wireless devices and transferring data using an Android beam.

NFC popularity

Despite being in the scene for years, the technology only gained massive popularity in recent years. Near Field Communication (NFC) gained momentum with the appeal of a contactless future. Contactless payments soared during the pandemic and this technology has now become one of the most widely-used payment methods. The number of NFC enabled devices has grown significantly, and the population of the world accessing NFC technology is increasing.

To Conclude

NFC has revolutionized the world of contactless payment. The technology offers a convenient and versatile payment solution. Also, NFC technology is safer than credit cards.

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