How To Use OK Google With Contacts

How To Use OK Google With Contacts

OK Google is a voice activated assistant which allows you to search online and complete many tasks using just your device’s voice activated control. It is also powerful with contacts.

Google’s assistant is a very useful feature, more powerful by some measures than Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa (see comparison).  The feature needs to be set up on your Android device, and you can also use it on Apple phones by downloading the Google app. It can be used with Google Home which is nifty as you can communicate with contacts by just instructing Google from your couch or whilst cooking in the kitchen.

You may already know how to ask Google to play your chill-out playlist on Spotify, but here are the most useful OK Google commands to work with your contacts:


Call Contact

A great hands free feature, especially if you’re driving or you’ve got your hands full!


OK Google, call [NAME] on speakerphone.


Send a Message

You can send a text message to anyone in your phone book. Simply say:

OK Google. Send a message to [NAME] via [SMS, Whatsapp or Google Hangouts] and then state the message.

The Google Assistant will then ask if you want to send or edit the message. Simply say, ‘Send’ and the message will be sent.


Send an Email

If you need to send an email quickly, you can do it using the OK Google command.


OK Google, send an email to [Name] and then state the content of your message.

Google will then ask you if you’re ready to send the message. Say, ‘send’ and off it goes!


Add Event/Invitation

You can add a meeting or event with a contact to your calendar using the voice controls.


OK Google. Add a meeting with [NAME] to my calendar this Wednesday at 2:45 pm.

The Assistant will then ask to confirm the event and will then add it to your calendar. If that person is in your contacts they will also receive a notification.


Social Media

You can send a message via many popular social media platforms including Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

Try saying:

OK Google, send message to [Name] on Viber and then state the content of the message.


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Updated on 05 Jun 2019.

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