How to Make Phone Calls On Alexa

How to make phone calls on Alexa

If you’ve got one of Amazon’s Echo devices, you’ll probably already know you can use it to make voice calls or send messages.

You’ll need to have set your device up and scanned your contacts. You can then call Alexa to Alexa (friends who also have Echo devices) or call the numbers on your contact list.

To make a call, you can simply call out to Alexa or open the Alexa app on your phone and click on this center icon from the bottom.



Now say- “Alexa call [Name]”.

For example:

“Alexa call Nathan Jone”

Alexa device will make a call to that person. When the call connects you can have a hands free conversation.

If they have an Echo it will default to calling their device. If you want to call them on their phone, you’ll need to say:

“Alexa, call [Name] mobile”.

It will then call their phone like a regular call and you’ll be able to speak directly through your Echo device.


And some great news: we have just launched an Alexa Skill – Your Contacts News reading you the latest news affecting your contacts and their companies!

The skill give you the perfect excuse to reach out to a friend or acquittance to ensure you build and maintain contact and rapport: congratulate them on their recent acquisition, or take a jab at their newly announced dress-code policy!

It takes 3 easy steps to setup: 

  1. Download and sign-up to Covve, available for both Android and iOS
  2. Enable the Alexa skill Your Contacts News
  3. Authenticate (login) with Covve and you are done – just ask Alexa to “Open my contacts news”, and you will get the 5 most recent news stories affecting your contacts and their companies.

Covve’s AI-powered News Engine scans more than 150 news sources, reads the articles and understands what companies they are referring to, what the key message of the article is, how important it is to the company and which of your contacts are affected by it.

We are obsessed with everything about contacts so feel free to reach out to us on

Updated on 10 Apr 2019.

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