How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac?

With iCloud, you don’t need to have a computer to carry out synchronization. You can seamlessly sync your contacts across all Apple devices by signing in to your iCloud account on all the devices. After signing in, all you have to do is turn on the iCloud service for contacts.

The first step to take is to navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone. 



Next, click on your Apple ID name. Tap on iCloud

Navigate to APPS USING ICLOUD and look for Contacts. Make sure the Contacts icon is green.

Next, turn on the iCloud.



If this is your first time using iClouds, merge your existing local contacts and your contacts on iCloud together by tapping on the Merge option.

 To complete the process on your Mac, navigate to System Preferences > iCloud and click on contacts. After a while, you should find your contacts perfectly synced.



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Written on 01 Apr 2020.

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