How To Export Your Contacts From (Hotmail)

How To Export Your Contacts From (Hotmail)

If you’ve been using Microsoft’s mail service (aka Hotmail) then you’ll be glad to know exporting your contacts is very simple. One of the most popular free email services, Hotmail/Outlook makes it easy to manage your contacts.

To export your contacts from, follow these steps.

On a laptop or desktop, sign into your Outlook//Hotmail account

Locate the ‘People’ icon at the  bottom of the side bar which is by default on the left hand side, although customisation options mean you can move it.

Click on the People icon to view all your contacts.



On the top bar you will see ‘manage’. Click on this.

Select export contacts.



Choose the location where you want to save your contacts and click save. 



Your contacts will be exported as a CSV file to your desktop or downloads folder. Click here for more info on how to manage CSV files.


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Written on 08 Aug 2018.

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