5 QR Code Tricks to Try…

5 QR Code Tricks to Try...

If you have ever seen those funny digital squares around and wondered if there is an interesting way to use them, well, yes there is.

These are QR codes, which are also known as quick response codes.

A QR code can be built simply using either an online resource or by downloading a QR builder app. And then it’s all about your imagination!

These are some of the QR Code Tricks you can try:


      a) Greetings Cards

Tired of those old-fashioned paper greetings cards? What if you could send a card that is a bit more personal and maybe even comes to life?


Print a QR code on a piece of card and send it to your loved ones for Christmas or Birthdays. They might not be so impressed until they scan it and get a video of you singing ‘Happy Birthday to you…’ or any other creative greeting.


       b) Audio (or Video) Tour

If you manage a space which has extra history or interest, you can create a tour using QR codes. Simply print individual QR codes onto stickers and post them next to the location you want to add a bit more information on.

This is especially handy for things like art exhibitions or historical locations. But you can also use these to create a fun and interactive team building exercise.



Add clues to the next location on the code and link to videos, audio files or even links online to keep people guessing.


     c) Clothing Print

If you work with geeks this could be a great way to customize clothing.

Create a QR code that links to the company promo video or to a location with a funny message or meme.



If you work in a team (such as film crew, ski instructors etc) then you can use the QR code to add a link to your website and services.


     d) Never Lose Property Again!

If you’re prone to losing stuff but you don’t want your details plastered all over your valuables, then you can always use QR codes.

Keep your laptop, DSLR, drone and even your Smartphone safe with a QR code which links to your personal information.



Simply create a vCard online which links to your contact details, print off as many as you need on sticky backed waterproof plastic and voila… No more lost property!


     e) Fridge Shopping List

Are you always writing your shopping list on a chalkboard on the fridge, or worse, a piece of paper?

Create a QR code that links to your Google Keep or Evernote account and share it with your partner, housemates or work colleagues. Everyone can then scan and add items to the list whenever you need.



This also means that everyone will have access to the shopping list when they’re next in the supermarket, so you’ll never run out of coffee again!


and a bonus one: Share your business card by just showing your phone!

You can create your own QR code with your profile and contact info and just show it when you meet someone. All they need to do is raise their camera phone to view it and they will get your contact details to save straight into their phone. Just download Covve and set up your profile in minutes.


You can use a QR code for pretty much anything you will use your phone or the internet for.

From linking to YouTube videos or specific apps to making a phone call.

So get creative and see what you can think up for your custom QR code.



Updated on 02 Jun 2019.

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