Driving Career Growth With Networking from Mo Bunnell and Covve’s Five-Episode Series

The art of building and nurturing relationships stands paramount in business. This truth has been vividly brought to life in the five-episode series collaboration between Mo Bunnell, a renowned business growth expert, and Covve, a leader in innovative networking technology.

As we wrap up this insightful series, the final episode offers compelling narratives summarizing Mo’s actionable strategies to transform the way professionals approach networking for business growth.



The Transformational Journey of Sean: A Case Study

At the heart of the final episode is Mo Bunnell’s inspiring anecdote about Sean, a nuclear engineer turned youngest partner at a consulting firm. Sean’s meteoric rise was not just a stroke of luck; it was a testament to the power of deliberate relationship building. Attending a training event with Mo Bunnell’s team, Sean learned to craft systems around his relationships, meticulously keeping track of important contacts and consistently following up, thereby becoming a central figure in his professional network.

The Synergy of Right Behaviors and Technological Support

Mo emphasizes the synergy between behavioral strategies and technological aids like the Covve app in networking. It’s about having the right behaviors and systems in place, akin to staying fit, complemented by technology that nudges, assists, and simplifies the process of maintaining relationships.

Mo Bunnell’s Comprehensive Guidance

As we encapsulate Mo’s guidance throughout the series, a few key takeaways emerge:

  • Relationships as Career Catalysts: Echoing the sentiment, “A great deal might make your year, but a great relationship can make your entire career,” Mo underscores that relationship building is not just a skill but a career-defining art.
  • Learnable Skills of Relationship Building: Referencing Dr. K Anders Ericsson and Adam Grant’s work, Mo reassures that relationship building is a learnable skill, accessible even to introverts who can leverage their listening skills.
  • Systematic Approach Over Sporadic Efforts: The significance of systems thinking in relationship building, moving away from sporadic efforts to a more structured approach, is vital to efficiently and effectively building a trusted network.
  • Live Interactions and Making Dead Time Alive: Utilizing live interactions, whether in-person or virtual, and turning ‘dead time’ into ‘alive time’ by engaging clients in meaningful conversations creates deeper and more impactful relationships.
  • Leveraging the Mere Exposure Effect: Understanding the psychology of relationships through concepts like the ‘mere exposure effect’, which posits that repeated exposure increases liking, thereby underscoring the importance of regular follow-ups.
  • Practical Strategies for Effective Networking: Mo introduces eight robust methods to strengthen networking: referrals, forums, webinars, email lists, value groups, annually recurring events, speaking engagements, and podcasts. By actively participating in these methods, professionals can further bolster their presence as thought leaders and amplify their brand across their network, and beyond.

Embracing Covve’s Copilot for Success

With the conclusion of the series, Covve extends a guiding hand to assist professionals in integrating Mo’s teachings into their daily routines. The Covve app is designed to seamlessly blend with Mo’s strategies, offering a practical tool for professionals to enhance their relationship building capabilities, ultimately benefiting their careers and their clients.

The collaboration between Mo Bunnell and Covve has been a journey of discovery, offering profound insights into the art of relationship building in the business world. As we bid farewell to this series, the lessons learned and the strategies discussed will continue to resonate, guiding professionals towards greater success through the power of effective networking.

Watch the fifth episode of the series here for the final touch on what it takes to help your clients succeed.

Written on 14 Dec 2023.

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