Remember the People You Meet — An Easy Strategy for Post-Event Networking

Networking is a pivotal part of professional success, especially during festive or corporate events. However, retaining information about new acquaintances or interesting tidbits you learn about colleagues often fades away in the routine of everyday life. 

Imagine leaving a vibrant company event, your mind buzzing with new connections and conversations. Among the many faces, there was Alyssa, the wife of your new colleague Alan, who shared your sister-in-law’s passion for pottery. You vowed to remember her name and the promise you made to introduce them. But as the night wore on, and you finally reached the comfort of your home, fatigue washed over you. The thought of writing down these details seemed too taxing, and you chose the warmth of your bed instead.

The next morning, as you sipped your coffee, the details of the previous night started to fade, mixing and muddling in your mind. Was her name Alyssa or Alicia? Did she really like pottery, or was that someone else? 

This all-too-familiar scenario is what Doug Lester, a former senior recruiter turned career strategist to leading executives, sought to address.

With just your voice and your phone, you could now secure these precious nuggets of information in moments, ensuring that the connections made weren’t lost in the fog of a busy life.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Networking

The process is straightforward. After an event, while your memories are still fresh, you open the Covve app on your phone. A quick tap on the “Anything to note?” option lets you effortlessly record names and key details using the voice-to-text feature. 

For instance, recalling the name ‘Alyssa’ and her interest in pottery becomes as easy as speaking into your phone. This data is then saved as a contact note, ready to be accessed whenever needed.

The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity and the way it seamlessly integrates into our busy lives. Instead of struggling to remember details the next day, a quick search in Covve for ‘pottery’ brings up Alyssa’s information, enabling timely and meaningful follow-ups. This method not only enhances efficiency in relationship building but also helps to foster deeper connections.

A Step Towards Better Relationship Building

By adopting this voice note strategy, the art of remembering names and details no longer seems daunting. It transforms networking from a forgetful chore into a productive and enjoyable aspect of professional life. The added bonus is Covve’s reminder feature, which can be used for thoughtful gestures, making gift-shopping effortless and meaningful.

Doug Lester’s collaboration with Covve is more than just a networking hack; it’s an effort in redefining how we build and maintain professional relationships.

The voice note strategy presents a smart, effortless way to remember names and details, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to connect or follow up. It’s a tool that promises to turn every professional into a master networker and, importantly, a considerate colleague and friend.

Written on 22 Dec 2023.

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