Why is Professional Networking Important?


Networking is all about building and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with people you meet online, in person at the coffee shop, or when attending work conferences, you name it. The main goal of networking is establishing and nurturing a professional network of people. People that you can not only learn from but also be of help too in return. Networking is an excellent ingredient for successful career development, seeing that it gives you a competitive edge.

Here are other reasons why professional networking is beneficial:


It strengthens professional relationships

Networking is not only about taking and gaining. It is also about sharing and being of value to your connections. Professional networking allows people to form trust and help each other towards reaching their career goals. Regularly contacting people you have interacted with in networking events and finding ways to offer help helps to strengthen your relationship. In turn, you can use that as a bargaining chip to ask for assistance when you need help reaching significant goals in your career.


It is an avenue for fresh ideas


Networking allows you to meet different top people/leaders in your industry and other sectors. The networks you form are the perfect source for new perspectives and ideas. The fresh ideas will help you perform better in your roles. You can also offer new insights to your connections. That establishes your reputation as an innovative thinker.

It increases access to job opportunities

When you network, you get to build a pool of relevant contacts. These are contacts that you can use to secure new opportunities. You can use the Covve app to manage all the information about the different networks in one place, making it easier when you want to reconnect. Your networks can open doors to personal growth opportunities and more knowledge. When you are actively networking, your name is more likely to be on top of people’s minds when an opportunity arises in your industry. You are more likely to get referrals or get introduced to potentially relevant people in your field.


It helps you elevate your profile and advance your career

The more you network, the more visible you get. Visibility is a significant element for career development. Attending professional and social events gets your name out there, consequently improving your reputation. Try to offer your expertise when meeting new people to further raise your profile as a knowledgeable and reliable member of your industry. When you improve your reputation in your professional circles, you stand out as a sought-after talent.



Some people may find networking to be a mountain of a task. They feel like they have to join all kinds of professional organizations or be at every networking event in their industry. However, that is far from the truth. There are numerous networking opportunities around you if you could only get your eyes off your phone when in public.

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