Managing Your Anxiety & Awkwardness, with Tech

Let’s face it, the mere thought of reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in ages can feel like deciding to jump out of a perfectly good airplane—exciting to some, downright terrifying to others. This especially rings true in a world where “I’ll text you!” often fades into the digital abyss, only to resurface in a late-night bout of existential pondering, “Should I send that message now? Is 2 a.m. too late or just quirky enough?”

The fears are all too familiar. Will they remember me? Have I turned into a human version of those “long time no see” memes? Enter the realm of personal CRM tools like Covve, which promise not to make you a networking ninja overnight but to at least stop you from ghosting your own networking opportunities, and learn to make the most of them, instead.

“Oh No, What Do I Say?”

Research suggests that our brains are wired to overestimate the awkwardness of reaching out after a long time. A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that recipients of unexpected kindness felt much more positive than the do-gooders predicted. Translated into the art of rekindling old connections; your “Hey, long time no talk!” is likely to be received with a positive reaction, encouraging an outreach and opening the door to cultivating a meaningful relationship.

Enter Covve – Your Networking Copilot

Covve acts like that friend who remembers everyone’s birthday, knows all the gossip, and still finds time to remind you about your childhood bonds and that your colleague’s anniversary is coming up.

  1. Gentle Nudges: Reminders are like the gentle nudge of a friend who whispers, “Text them!” right when you’re about to back out of a room silently. It’s this kind of push that gets you over the hump of initial hesitation, transforming “I should reach out” into “I’m glad I did.”
  2. Conversation Ammo: What sets Covve apart is its knack for arming you with personalized notes and conversation starters. It’s like having cheat codes in a social game, ensuring you’re never left fumbling for words. Whether it’s a recent achievement or a mutual interest, Covve makes sure your “Hey, how’s it going?” doesn’t accidentally translate to “Hey, I’m reaching out because an app told me to.”
  3. Keeping It Real: Despite its techy charm, our pCRM doesn’t want to turn you into a networking robot. Its goal is to pave the way for genuine connections. Think of it as the digital equivalent of a friend who gives you a pep talk before you approach your crush at a party. It sets the stage, but your personality is the star of the show.

Embracing Awkwardness with a Bit of Tech Magic

The beauty of integrating technology like Covve into your networking strategy isn’t about eliminating the human element; it’s about enhancing it. It recognizes that while reaching out might never be as effortless as breathing, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as speaking on a stage without pants. With tools like relationship copilots, the aim is to reduce the “What ifs” and amplify the “Remember whens,” turning networking from a necessary evil into a rewarding part of your social and professional life.

So, the next time you’re hovering over someone’s contact, paralyzed by the “To message or not to message” dilemma, remember: Maintaining a personal CRM isn’t just about managing contacts—it’s about conquering the networking jitters with a blend of technology and a touch of human quirkiness. After all, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t life too short to leave messages unsent and connections unrevived? Let’s not wait until 2 a.m. to decide.

Don’t have a personal CRM? Give Covve a try for free. 

Updated on 30 Apr 2024.

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