Insightful Exercises to Elevate Your Social Health

Engaging deeply with others and ourselves often gets overshadowed in the hustle of routine life. Yet, the importance of fostering our social health cannot be overstated. To aid in this pursuit, Sara Schairer, Brian Mohr, and Kindra Maples designed unique exercises focusing on building deeper, meaningful connections in our latest workshop, Prioritizing Your Social Health. Each activity offers a unique approach to enrich our understanding of ourselves and our connections with others, ultimately enhancing our social well-being.


Sara Schairer’s Self-Appreciation Exploration

Envision an exercise centered on celebrating your positive traits. Sara Schairer’s method does precisely this, encouraging participants to repeatedly ask and answer, “What do you appreciate about yourself?” This seemingly simple question is a portal to self-discovery, unearthing hidden strengths and achievements. More than just a task, this exercise cultivates a culture of positivity, mutual admiration, and self-admiration, uplifting all involved. These elements come together to help your social health, enabling you to better connect with others as well.

Brian Mohr’s Musical Bonds

Brian Mohr’s activity harnesses the universal language of music to create connections. Participants share songs that resonate with their life stories, from anthems of youth to tunes entwined with people who are special in our lives. Each song becomes a narrative thread, illuminating shared human experiences. This activity transcends regular conversation, illustrating music’s unique ability to bridge diverse backgrounds and create profound emotional connections.

Kindra Maples and the 5C’s of Connection

In sharing an art for fostering deeper relationships, Kindra Maples introduces a comprehensive method consisting of “the 5C’s”. Starting with Communication, it encourages sincere expression and attentive listening. Consistency and Compassion are next, forming the bedrock for authentic Connection. The final C, ‘Cookies,’ represents the thoughtful acts that convey care and appreciation. This approach goes beyond theoretical understanding, offering a practical roadmap for enhancing and deepening our relational bonds.

The Collective Journey

Sara Schairer’s introspective approach, Brian Mohr’s musical journey, and Kindra Maples’ 5C’s framework collectively provide more than just activities; they are pathways to deeper self-awareness and stronger interpersonal connections. They inspire us to delve into our own personalities, share our unique experiences, and establish empathetic relationships. Engaging in these activities not only bolsters our social health but also rekindles the joy found in authentic human connections, paving the way for a world richer in empathy and understanding.

Stay tuned for our findings and more on Covve’s workshop on prioritizing your social health.

Updated on 24 Jan 2024.

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