5 C’s to Deepen Connections With Kindra Maples

Digital interaction has proven to be a great boon in the past 4 years, however time spent connecting with people in-person remains a critical element of our social health. The significance of nurturing social health within corporate settings has never been more pronounced. 

Kindra Maples, the Founder and CEO of Culture Crush Business, addresses this pressing need in our most recent workshop on fostering social health, by focusing on enhancing company culture through deeper, more meaningful relationships among colleagues. With her unconventional background in animal behavior and a unique approach to human interactions, she offers a fresh perspective on building relationships in the workplace.

Kindra’s journey, which intriguingly spans from training polar bears to coaching corporate teams, highlights a fundamental similarity between animal behavior and human interactions. Her emphasis on the “5 C’s” – Communication, Consistency, Connect, Compassion, and Cookies – provides a framework for deepening and building workplace relationships beyond superficial, transactional encounters.

What the 5 C’s are All About

Kindra emphasizes the importance of effective communication, the power of consistency, exercising compassion, seeking deeper connection, and making the most of “cookies.”

Let’s break them down further and showcase how you can start using these 5 C’s to boost your social health.

  • Communication:
    • Consider how your contacts prefer to communicate, including various communication platforms and social media
    • Using their preferred means of communication showcases how invested you are in the relationship
  • Consistency:
    • Observe how frequent your communication is with certain contacts, and which ones you would prefer to give more emphasis to
    • Consistency helps establish trust and reliability
    • Vital for forming strong bonds
  • Compassion:
    • Heartfelt desire to connect
    • Creates a supportive relationship that goes beyond a menial, transactional state
    • Compassion helps in truly connecting with a contact by taking the time to understand their feelings
  • Connection:
    • Involves knowing personal details like family, hobbies, and aspirations
    • Leads to deeper, empathetic understanding of contacts
    • Crucial for robust team dynamics
  • Cookies (Positive Reinforcement):
    • Understanding individual preferences for acknowledgment and appreciation
    • Ensures meaningful and impactful feedback
    • Critical for nurturing relationships

With each of the 5 C’s in mind, this how you can apply this method to deepen your relationships:

  1. Think of an individual in your personal or professional life that you would like to nurture your relationship with
  2. Begin by recalling and reflecting on their preferred methods of communication and firmly decide on how frequently you will be reaching out to them
  3. In your interactions with them, show up with compassion, empathy and an intention to listen in order to demonstrate commitment and support
  4. In deepening your connection, identify their interests and hobbies. By understanding their favored activities you can create gestures of appreciation that focus on them and display your attentiveness toward them
  5. Finally, take the time to understand how to show your appreciation in a way that resonates with them. Consider an activity they love based on hobbies you’ve identified in the ‘Connection’ phase. With this gesture, you can earn their trust and deepen your relationship with them

Kindra’s approach to social health in the workplace, rooted in the principles of animal behavior, offers a unique and effective strategy for enhancing company culture. Her 5 C’s framework is a reminder that at the heart of every successful company lies a network of strong, compassionate, and engaged individuals. 

By prioritizing communication, consistency, connection, compassion, and cookies, you can foster a more supportive and connected network. The Age of Information and the rise of Web3 often overshadow human elements that often get lost. Kindra’s insights provide a much-needed reminder of the power of genuine human connections in driving both personal and professional success.

Written on 26 Jan 2024.

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