Connecting Through Storytelling with Brian Helfman

Brian Helfman, Chief Experience Officer at Third Nature, is a visionary in crafting experiences that invigorate and inspire. With a decade of expertise as an entrepreneur, experience designer, facilitator, and coach, Brian specializes in creating dynamic events and workshops that promote clarity, creativity, and connection. 

His approach revolves around the philosophy of making life more enjoyable and meaningful through engaging experiences. At Third Nature, he has cultivated a unique space that encourages individuals and organizations to explore their potential and enrich their professional and personal lives. His passion for enhancing human interactions is evident in every project he undertakes, whether it’s a large-scale event or a more intimate gathering.

Workshop Activity: Rediscovering Childhood Aspirations

What gripped the participants the most with Brian was his intuitive storytelling, which gradually became evident in his exercise. Brian introduces a reflective exercise titled, “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

This activity invites participants to delve into their earliest memories and aspirations, encouraging them to consider why those dreams were meaningful to them and what joy they continue to bring. The participants then shared what they wanted to be and discussed together. Not only did it encourage participants to tell their own stories, but it helped them to connect with others through a less conventional yet impactful manner.

This ongoing reflection helps individuals better understand their evolving desires and aspirations, fostering a deeper connection with themselves and, by extension, with others.

Brian continues to inspire and engage, making every interaction a memorable experience. Join him in rediscovering joy and inspiration through his unique blend of creativity and thoughtful reflection.

Keep an eye out for our next Masterclass for more inspiring exercises on connection, from connection professionals.

Written on 29 May 2024.

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