Are your drawers
full of scattered
business cards?
Then you are in the right place!
With an Al-powered card scanner and a powerful organiser, this app will become a businessman’s best asset.
Recognizes 30+ languages
Private, stored only on your device
Artificial intelligence ensures accuracy
Go paperless everywhere
What is Covve Scan?
A mobile application to easily digitize business cards!
  • Take a photo of a card and details are automatically recognized
  • Easily add notes, tags and location
  • Organise and search with an easy and powerful interface
  • Add contacts to your address book with a single click
  • Export to excel easily
Trial up to 10 cards
Scan up to 50 cards
One-off purchase
Price for the USA. Other countries may vary, check your appstore / play store for local pricing.
Who are we?
Covve Scan is brought to you by the team behind Covve, the smartest simplest contacts app.