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Scan paper business cards into valuable contacts in seconds.
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  • Minimise paper in line with your ESG agenda
  • All the company's contacts safe, accessible and searchable
  • Share business cards between team members
  • Integrate with your systems
  • Protect privacy with a GDPR-compliant solution
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Used by companies across the world to digitize and optimize their business

Accurate in more than
30 languages

English, German, French, Spanish and 26 more languages

Integrated with phone address books, Excel, CRMs and other systems

Proven more accurate, faster and simpler than any alternatives

Overall winner in the most extensive comparison of business card scanners: CamCard, ABBYY, BizConnect & Covve Scan

Accuracy &
Easy of Use
& Speed

Covve Scan features

The world's most accurate scanner

Scan and organize

Market-leading scanning accuracy in over 30 languages
Add notes, tags and location to scanned business cards
Organize and search your business cards

Export and share

Save to your phone's contacts
Export to Excel, Outlook or Google Contacts
Share scanned cards with your team or assistant
Send cards directly to Salesforce
Send to any other platform using Zapier


Private, our terms and tech protect your data
Made in Europe, fully GDPR compliant

Convert your physical
cards into digital format
See Covve
Scan in action

What our end users say

Just back from a large conference where we collected over 200 business cards. We have used CamCard for years. Really disliked all of the manual corrections. This solution worked from the first time with no corrections needed-it was amazing!

5/5 starsFeb 6, 2022

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Still have questions?

Here are the frequently asked questions about Covve business cards.
If you still need help, you can always contact us.

Can we transfer a licence from one device to another?

Absolutely, licences can be reassigned as required

Are scanned cards backed up and can they be restored?

Once backup is enabled in Covve Scan all scanned cards are backed up to the cloud and can be restored as required.

Can we login/logout with a corporate and/or personal email?

Yes, each user can login with an email or authenticate with Google or Apple depending on their device

How many licences do we have to purchase to get a company discount?

More than five licences qualifies for a company discount, with higher discounts applied to larger orders.

Can we share cards among team members?

Yes, users can create or join teams within Covve Scan in order to share scanned cards.

Can one company have multiple "teams" within Covve Scan in order to share scanned cards?

Yes, any number of teams can be created

How do we issue licences to new employees

Simply contact your Covve account manager for any licence allocations or changes

Can Covve Scan integrate with our CRM or other company system?

Covve Scan integrates with Salesforce directly and with most other systems via Zapier