Covve was designed with security as a top priority.

Protection of your data is our priority. We take significant measures to keep it safe and secure.

Our systems are secure:

  • Covve can only be accessed using 256-bit SSL;
  • 100% of our systems and data are hosted on Microsoft Azure, which has achieved some of the highest security accreditations, see….
  • All our servers and platforms are kept up to date with the latest security fixes and using the best practices;
  • Access to production environments is limited to authorized team members only;
  • We accept that no one is unhackable so regularly seek external security expertise (ethical hacking) to review our systems.

Your data is safe with us:

  • External credentials, where possible, are not stored on our servers and if they have to be, they are encrypted using 256 bit AES ciphers;
  • Access to production data is restricted to our senior engineers and only in order to support a specific customer request;
  • All data is backed up near real time, minimizing data loss.

If you have any further questions regarding data protection please email us at