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What is it?

Covve’s business card scanning API enables you to add business card digitization capability to your application or service. Supercharge your CRM solution, contact management application or productivity tools by seamlessly adding this commonly required capability.

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Help your users to save time, avoid errors and go paperless.

Why Covve’s API

  • Extremely accurate, the leading AI-powered recognition engine in the market
  • Lightning fast, 1 second median response time
  • Multilingual, automatic recognition of 30+ languages
  • Easy to implement, using industry standard HTTP & JSON
  • Secure, all data encrypted in transit
  • Private, no data stored after the API call completes
  • GDPR compliant terms and conditions
  • Battle tested with 100s of thousands scans each month

What our users say

Panagiotis Afratis

Excellent recognition of text and identification with the right tags for direct insertion in the contact list. You will never need to type again someone’s contact details!

Mark Perloe

Best way to enter business cards as contacts

Onno van Santen

Update. Excellent scanning. Succeeds where others have failed.

Cards Stack

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4.9 out of 5

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