Digitize your
business cards

with the most accurate card scanner in the market today

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Digitize your
business cards

with the most accurate card scanner in the market today

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rh1960, United States
Just back from a large conference with where we collected over 200 cards. We have used CamCard for years. Really disliked all of the manual corrections from the scan. This solution worked from the first time with no corrections needed-it was amazing!
Jon Liv Jaque
I have been telling everybody I know about this app it's simple it's fast and it's accurate I think I'm going to get my company to do a deal with these guy's to buy one for all 200 sales reps on our team
Patty Gourou
Great app!!? I always wanted a card scanner that is really doing what is promising...great purchase!!! Highly recommended

What is Covve Scan?

The world's most accurate AI-powered scanner

  • Market leading scanning accuracy in over 30 languages
  • Easily add notes, tags and location to scanned business cards
  • Organize and search your business cards
  • Save to your contacts at a tap of a button
  • Export business cards to Excel, Outlook or Google Contacts
  • Send business cards directly to Salesforce
  • Save business cards to any other platform using Zapier
  • Private, our terms and tech protect your data
  • Made in Europe
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Recognizes 30+ languages
Fully GDPR-compliant
Artificial intelligence ensures accuracy
Go paperless

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