Build Trust,
Shape Success.

Unlock the Secret to Building Lasting Trust with Every Client with Covve App.

Why Trust is your Most Valuable Asset

Foundation of Relationships

Building trust from the ground up, forms the bedrock of all meaningful relationships.

Facilitates Effective Communication

Trust creates an environment where open and honest communication can thrive, turning encounters into lasting bonds.

Enhances Reputation

Trust is intricately linked to your reputation. Turn clients into advocates and attract opportunities, clients, and partnerships.

Drives Success and Growth

Turn client retention into an effortless task. Trust can be the differentiating factor between success and failure.

Your Client Relationship Hack

Covve App for Trainers: The shortcut to Stronger Bonds

Covve CRM in-app component

Create auto-reminders

Never miss an opportunity to stay connected with clients.

Covve CRM in-app component

Draft with AI

Stop wasting your valuable time, draft messages in seconds.

Covve CRM in-app component

Manage & Create notes

Make your clients feel special, take note of everything that matters to them.

Covve CRM in-app component

Record your interactions

Forget wondering when you last saw which client, record every interaction.

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Benefits of being consistent

  • Habitual use of Covve App allows you to reach out regularly, creating opportunities for stronger connections.

  • Becoming systematic about how you interact, has proven to get more wins vs. random reach outs.

  • Staying up to date with your clients creates appreciation and reliability, leading to retention and growth.

  • Organizing your clients with notes and tags weekly, will save you valuable hours every month.

  • Consistently communicating with clients, can lead to word-of-mouth that you can follow up on.



25 x two hour
workout sessions

To move from acquaintance
to casual friend

Your time


90 fitness

To move from casual friend
to simple friend



marathon training

To move from simple friend
to close friend
Source here.

How pros succeed


Discover similarities, bond with your clients in just one session.


Ask about their activities, understand who they are.


Go from sporadic to systematic, strengthen your relationships.


Your clients are human, treat them like your friends.

Tips for success from our Pros available in-app weekly.

Hear from our


Well I have never written a review but I have to say this app is awesome. It is exactly what a professional needs to keep up with his/her clients. Great job!!!


Everything I would need in a personal assistant and more!


I've been looking for a proper card scanner app, but got a personal CRM app in Covve!! Extremely happy with it!! Upgrading to subscription!

Dayle Jones

I love this app. It is intelligent and responsive. Covve takes a grueling task and breaks it into manageable pieces. Get it and you will love it too.

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