Best Free Apps for Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur can relate to how taxing it can be to figure out how to grow the business and keep it afloat. It becomes difficult trying to juggle essential tasks such as time management and processing of payments. Developers have come up with many new applications to release entrepreneurs to focus on more critical studies. Here are some of the few best free apps for entrepreneurs.


LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people, outsource, share ideas, and secure business deals. Finding qualified people has never been easier as you can search for people based on their industry, qualifications, and jobs. You can also take advantage of this platform to market your brand, build a portfolio and show potential clients some of your previous work.


Slack is a messaging application that allows you to centralize conversations among your teammates. Using Slack will enable you to organize and create different channels for different teams working on a specific project. Team members can then ask questions, share content and media to the channel as they see fit. Another advantage of the Slack application is that it integrates with other applications such as Dropbox.


Covve is a must-have application for entrepreneurs who want to simplify their contact management. It allows you to add contacts manually, scan business cards and save them as a contact card. All you need is to take a photo of the card, and its AI-powered scanner will recognize details accurately. As for the existing contacts, you can add contact details such as industry, company name, job title, email address and location. The beauty of adding industry to a contact is that Covve curates news online, and it will send you news affecting your contact. This will give you a reason to reach out to your contacts and chat about the news if necessary, building a good relationship with them.


Sometimes, you need to access and send an urgent document for work. It can be very frustrating to realize you only have it on your computer at home. Dropbox is a cloud storage application that allows you to access saved documents from any of your devices. You can also share links to your documents via Whatsapp or email without having to send bulky files.


If you are looking for a comprehensive and accessible point-of-sale payment processor for your small business, then Square is the app for you. With Square, you can accept credit card payments anywhere without having to rely on cash payments. Square charges a constant flat rate fee for every credit card transaction you complete, which can be considered a fair price. This application also allows you to file your taxes, pay employees and manage benefits.

Final Remarks

Want to take your contacts management to the next level? The Covve App will get you organized and make sure you stay in touch with your network. With smart reminders to get in touch and easy tools to keep notes on each person, you’ll never mess up your CRM game!
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Updated on 28 Mar 2022.

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