Tips & Tricks from an Entrepreneur: Nurturing Relationships


Shannen Stewart, Founder and President of Heels and Handshakes, a 3000+ membership network dedicated to helping women in business and entrepreneurs, talks about how Covve Personal CRM has been a game-changer for her as a business owner.

“ Relationships are crucial to your success and your personal and professional development… Covve is a no-brainer. Everyone is on their phone, it’s affordable, it’s easy to use, it’s accessible and it really covers everything.”


Get all of Shannen’s tips, watch the interview (3-minute watch):


“ Time is always challenging for me. What I really love about Covve is that it keeps me accountable. With the app I have the features of setting those reminders, to follow up with a contact.”


Download Covve here and get the exclusive offer from Shannen saving 15% from the discounted annual price here.


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