Features of Covve.

What you’ll love about Covve.

Scans the news and reminds you to stay in touch with people.

  • Covve’s AI-powered News Engine will notify you of news affecting your contacts so you can reach out.
  • Get auto reminded on who to contact each week and notified when you are losing touch with people.
  • Record notes against each call and always be well informed for the next one.
  • Send a business card at the press of a button, keeping a history and notes to never forget where you met.
  • Your personal CRM, always with you on mobile and web.
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Helps you complete and keep your address book up to date.

  • Combines sophisticated proprietary technology and external sources to find and suggest information for your contacts.
  • Country, company, industry, job title, seniority and social network profiles are automatically identified. Approve them to update your contacts.
  • Continuously monitors for changes to keep details up to date.
  • Automatically applies updates when a friend you are connected to changes any of their details, so you always have their latest phone number and email.
  • Scans business cards to quickly add new contacts.

Allows you to visualize, filter, and search your contacts wherever you are.

  • Accessible on all your devices — phone, tablet and desktop/laptop. Install the mobile app or sign-in to your account on any browser.
  • Interactive contact mapping, by country and industry, allowing you to explore and analyze your network and discover new insights, as well as understand it’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Powerful and versatile search quickly finds who you are after; you can search for people in a particular industry or a country, or search a combination of fields, including your customized tags.
  • Filter the results using a dynamic filter to pinpoint the exact contacts you are after.
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Guides you in building a trusted network of contacts for introductions and referrals.

  • Connect with the people you trust on Covve and share what type of people you know.
  • Covve protects the privacy of your contacts and never shares names or contact details. Instead it allows you to search for the profile of people you’re looking for. For example, Covve can tell you that your friend John, knows a Partner in that legal firm you are after in the United Kingdom.
  • You can build a network with your friends, within your company or across your alumni group.
  • Use the interactive maps, powerful search and filtering to scan through a network of warm leads and find who from your friends and colleagues can open that door.

Keeps your data private and safe.

  • Your data belongs to you and you will always be able to delete your data from our systems.
  • We never resell, share, or expose personal information about you or your contacts without your consent.
  • You only share data with contacts you’ve elected to connect with.
  • Only you have access to your contacts’ private data, only general information is shared, no names, no contacts details.
  • If you don’t want to share a contact with your network, not even anonymously, you just hide them from view.
  • Safeguarding your data is our priority. We take significant measures to keep it safe and secure.
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