Transform your address book into a dynamic network of warm business leads.

Get the connections and insights you need to do better business, while keeping the details of your address book private.

Power-up your address book.

  • Clean up your contacts as Covve automatically fills in missing details.
  • Search contacts by location, industry, company and seniority.
  • View your address book through infographics to spot gaps and opportunities.

flower map covve

Extend your network.

  • Build your network by connecting to friends and colleagues.
  • Share your contacts, including companies and locations, but keep personal details private.
  • Discover connections to countries, industries and companies you never knew you had.

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Keep it personal.

  • Only you can see your contacts’ names, connections must come through you.
  • Any new leads you make will also be through people you already know.
  • So they are more likely to be warm leads, rather than the cold ones filling social networking sites.

gatekeeper illustration covve

Stay in touch.

  • Set reminders and notes to make sure you make the right call at the right time.
  • Track and repeat reminders and stay warm with those who matter most.
  • Follow-up and never miss an opportunity.

reminders covve

Watch a quick introduction to Covve.

covve app intro video
Click for a short video intro to Covve
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Power-up Your Address Book - Covve
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Power-up Your Address Book - Covve
Covve allows you to organize and privately share your address book with your contacts, creating a curated network of warm business leads.
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