Always have your network with you on the move.

mobile app covve contacts

Bring your iPhone contacts into Covve.

Download our app and synchronize your phone’s address book with Covve; let Covve deduplicate and enhance your contacts. You can then manage and leverage them through our powerful desktop/tablet interface.

Leverage the power of Covve wherever you are.

Search through your contacts, find who you are after and contact them through a simple, clean interface. Connect with your contacts; access your notifications and connection requests directly from your phone.

The more you use it the smarter it becomes.

Use the Covve mobile app to call, text and email your contacts. The more you use it the more it will customize itself to your needs… Start using it to find out more!

Stay in touch.

Set reminders and notes to make sure you make the right call at the right time. track and repeat reminders and stay warm with those who matter most; follow-up and never miss an opportunity.